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Vast, multicultural  and enticing Australia revels in a Pacific Rim location that is saturated in sunshine and an affable charm and charisma.  Australia may be an island, but it is also the world's largest inhabited one, encompassing a range of stunning landscapes, from barren deserts to tropical rainforests and rugged mountains. Isolated from other continents, Australia has an abundance of unique plant and animal life recognisable by cuddly koalas, bounding kangaroos and ungainly emus.  One of the country's greatest appeals is its sense of space.  Sydney boasts the finest natural harbour in the world, comprising sandstone headlands, white sandy beaches and endless surf. Melbourne's Victorian grace and easygoing charm belies a dynamic city that hosts the nation's premier sporting and cultural events. Brisbane, the river city, is gateway to the tropical northeast, Adelaide is an impossibly well laid-out city bursting with grandeur, while Perth is young, brash and alluring.


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