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LUXURY HOLIDAYS IN Indochina - Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

The term 'Indochina' was first coined in the 19th century to describe the lands which lie between India and China. The group includes Thailand and Burma as well as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Our focus here is on the latter three destinations, also often referred to as 'French Indochina', so-named because of the indelible French influence which was exerted on the development of those three countries, still evident today in the architecture, town planning and the exquisite cuisine. The region has endured long periods of conflict and unrest, culminating in the Vietnam War which finally came to an end in April of 2005. The resultant reunification of that country and a new beginning for the region in general has led to a more open and welcoming attitude towards Westerners, with access now freely provided to the many incomparable wonders on show in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The countries of Indochina are bound together by the Mekong River, which cuts a swathe through each of them in turn, providing a lifeline which sustains what are some of the most fascinating and beguiling destinations in South-East Asia if not the World.


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