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LUXURY HOLIDAYS IN The Mediterranean

We are often guilty of taking it all for granted but the continent of Europe is home to some of the World's most fascinating, alluring and diverse destinations and cultures. As you cross the border between one country and the next almost everything changes: The people, the customs and traditions, the history, the architecture, the cuisine and more often than not the language. All of this in spite of the fact that the continent has never been more integrated and accessible. A common currency is now shared by many of the member states of the E.U., itself a symbol of European unity and economic cooperation.

The 'sunshine' destinations of southern Europe, which we have chosen to focus upon here, have all too often been associated only with mass tourism and cheap 'packaged' holiday arrangements. In reality they are home to some of the most sought after and exclusive hotels and resorts in the World. Standards of service, presentation and individual location rank amongst the very finest available anywhere.

It would be equally difficult to match the romantic imagery conjured up by southern Europe's cities and island resorts - Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Athens; Madeira, Capri, Sicily, Malta, Crete and Cyprus amongst them.


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