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North Africa

After Asia, the mighty continent of Africa is the world's second largest. It is also the world's warmest continent and the second most populated. Bordered by the Mediterranean to the north, the Red Sea to the north-east and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to the west and east,  Africa is home to no less than 46 countries. We feature just two of them within this section of our website which focuses on the Northern most part of the Continent - Egypt and Morocco.

Egypt is one of the most extraordinary and perplexing destinations that you could ever wish to visit. Inextricably linked to the umbilical cord that is the River Nile, Egypt is seemingly chaotic and disorderly beyond reason. Don’t be fooled. The Egyptian experience will exert and retain a beguiling pull on you, long after your visit is over.

Without doubt, Egypt is a beautiful and alluring place, offering deep blue skies, clear-white sands and sparkling-blue water in abundance. It’s many archaeological treasures are arguably incomparable, it’s people, as friendly and hospitable as any you are ever likely to meet. Think of Egypt and the chances are you will think of Cairo or the Great Pyramids. In reality there is so much more to it than that.

This section of our website also focuses on The Kingdom of Morocco and on the city of Marrakech in particular. This vibrant city destination, with visitor interest centred largely on the historic Medina or old town, is just a little over 3 hours flying time from the UK. The small narrow streets and alleyways of the Medina beg to be explored. They provide home to some of the city's one million plus inhabitants along with endless shops, stalls, enclaves and unique hostelries known as Riads, five of which are featured here. Marrakech possesses the largest traditional souk in Africa in the form of a huge outdoor market square known locally as Djemaa el Fna, a must see for every visitor.

Morocco - Marrakesh

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